“Cooking in itself is science. It is the chef that makes it an art”.  Gualtiero Marchesi

Trippini’s family, with its three generations of chefs (1963 Giuseppe; 1973 Adolfo, 2006 Paolo), has created dishes which, in their simplicity, are able to leave an unforgettable memory in who tastes them.

Paolo, the third generation, says that his love for cooking motivates him to dedicate all day to his job: he has grown up looking his father and his grandfather cooking.

The courses organized by the restaurant are strictly related to our tradition and heritage of ingredients. This philosophy enabled them being recognized to be one of the best restaurants in Italy.

Paolo talks about his work in this way: “I am lucky because I can do the best job in the world. I have the chance to do something I love and continuing my family’s activity. I thank my father for having transmitted this passion to me. I hope you will find it in all my dishes”.

Trippini’s restaurant is in Civitella del Lago, an evocative small town in Umbria, near Corbara’s lake and the beautiful city of Orvieto.


The chef Paolo Trippini